Acceleration Class Band - SIMPLE SIX

Simple Six is a band of the Acceleration Class of SMP PL Domenico Savio, Semarang. We built this band on June 2009. At the first, we don't have a plan to named it "Simple Six". We got this name in 2011. Simple Six means: "We are simple and our band consits of six person". So, we named this band "Simple Six". Okay, now I'll show you our personnels :

1. Jeremi Ferdian (Guitarist)
Specialized in melody. 9 Acceleration/6

2. Pracayasa Ade Putra (Vocalist + Guitarist)
Big guy... hahaha... 9 Acceleration/14

3. Martino Christanto (Bassist)
Great bassist i guess.. 9 Acceleration/11

4. Agathon Henryanto (Keyboardist)
Plays keyboard well... 9 Acceleration/2

5. Lovenda Samudro W. (Drummer)
Great drummer.... 9 Acceleration/10

6. Yefta Rafelino (Guitarist)
Specialized in melody too.. 8 Acceleration

These are photos of Simple Six :

This is my article about accel's band, hope you enjoy it guys... ^^

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